About Our Multidisciplinary Approach To Medical Business Management

Health care business issues rarely exist in isolation. Medicine, legislation and business matters intersect in the world of health care law. This is why Moore Leonhardt & Associates uses a multidisciplinary approach in all areas, including regulatory agency negotiations, compliance and hearings. ​Our administrative law practice helps health care providers and businesses navigate through the often complex and confusing maze of state regulatory agencies and other necessary aspects of health care business management.

The firm's operating model is our clients' greatest advantage. It allows the firm to expand as needed, and to draw upon resources appropriate to each client's particular requirements, from advising to litigation. Doing so serves to minimize operational and overhead costs in a way that many larger, competing firms cannot. This translates into substantial savings for clients, who enjoy lower hourly billing rates than those that larger, less nimble firms command.

From law offices in Hartford and Greenwich, Connecticut, our firm is led by attorney Mary Alice Moore Leonhardt, with more than 30 years of demonstrated experience in representing a diverse clientele. Learn about Ms. Moore Leonhardt's and the rest of the legal team's backgrounds and qualifications through these links:


Director of Communications and Media Relations

Integrated Strategies Involving Regulatory Compliance, Licensure, Liability, Billing, Fraud And Abuse, And Other Legal Issues

Our law firm advises health care providers and medical businesses on all aspects of their professional services, including strategies for addressing program and service development, credentialing, regulatory audits and compliance, disciplinary and enforcement actions, antitrust issues and regarding Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and insurance contract reimbursement issues.

A Steadfast Focus On Clients' Needs And Goals

Dedication to clients is the hallmark of our firm, and it is demonstrated best in the level of personal attention and commitment. Moore Leonhardt & Associates' focus on individual and business clients' needs and goals reflects the lifetime commitment and personal philosophy of attorney Moore Leonhardt to care for and be of service to others. At Moore Leonhardt & Associates, clients can expect an in-depth understanding of their issues, and thoroughly responsive advocates acting on their behalf.

Also Serving Other Types Of Businesses

In addition to our law firm's focus on health care businesses, the legal team also provides general counsel services to other small to medium-sized businesses looking for guidance and assistance with contracting, business modeling and development, labor, employment and compliance matters.

Consult With A Lawyer With Experience And In-Depth Medical Care Knowledge

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See our Affiliations page for information about foundations, task forces, bar associations and boards of directors that attorney Moore Leonhardt and others at the firm have been a part of or contributed to.