Compliance And Legal Services For Health Care Professionals And Businesses

Moore Leonhardt & Associates advises health care providers and medical businesses on regulatory compliance and all aspects of their professional services, including strategies for addressing program and service development, credentialing, regulatory audits and compliance, disciplinary and enforcement actions, and Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and insurance contract reimbursement issues.

Health Care Compliance and Legal Services — Business Matters

Supporting specific business aspects of health care enterprises, we provide direction regarding employment issues, financial compliance in billing reimbursement protocols, insurance contracting and third-party vendor issues. Quite a few employers, looking to reduce their health care costs for employees, have become involved in financial services company development. They require comprehensive, integrated advice covering complex issues such as:

  • Compliance programs
  • Entrepreneurial investments
  • Billing procedures
  • Audit protocols
  • Regulatory reporting

We have been active in developing software programs compatible with billing compliance and audit readiness.

General Counsel Services In Specialty Health Care Areas

Our Connecticut-based firm is particularly well-suited to assist subspecialty health care areas. We provide tailor-made legal services for:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse treatment providers
  • Substance abuse rehabilitation centers
  • Impaired health care providers
  • Disability-related policies and procedures
  • Privacy compliance
  • Purchase and sale issues
  • Families with adult and minor children with special needs

We advise providers and medical businesses on elder law and elder care, patients' rights, HIPAA requirements and privacy rights and termination of treatment.

Preventing Medical Malpractice Liability

We are proactive in addressing our clients' need to prevent and defend against medical malpractice claims. Risk management is an integral part of our approach to problem solving on all levels. We address all aspects of professional liability and risk management. We prepare clients for internal and external audits.

The Big Picture

In addition to providing customized counsel and legal services to individual businesses, our law firm often influences policy by drafting legislation and educating legislators on administrative regulations. We inform decision-makers as well as individual health care providers on fraud and abuse issues that are common in the medical business world today.

Contact An Attorney

Call 860-216-6337 or send an email inquiry through this website to reach our Hartford or Greenwich office. Request a consultation with one of our lawyers about health care business regulatory compliance issues.