Establishing And Operating Health Care Professional Practices

Opening a new medical practice requires close attention to medical aspects of a practice, clinic or medical business, as well as business matters such as regulatory compliance.

Covering All Bases

Moore Leonhardt & Associates takes an integrative approach to guiding medical entrepreneurs. Our attorneys advise on the necessary steps for starting or expanding an individual or group practice or clinic. Areas of counsel include:

  • Formation and operation agreements
  • Employment and management agreements
  • Exclusive contracts and affiliate site agreements
  • Quality of care investigations
  • Physician and nurse credentialing and licensing issues
  • Provider care regulatory compliance
  • Risk management and defensive documentation training
  • Third-party payer agreements and risk agreements
  • Billing fraud defense readiness
  • Professional liability defense prevention
  • Crisis management readiness

Getting Up And Running In Compliance, Ready To Concentrate On Delivering With A Focus On Service Outcomes

Compliance with regulations, management of billing operations and negotiation of contracts are examples of areas of focus at Moore Leonhardt & Associates. Our firm assists with planning and initiation of businesses associated with medical care, including:

  • Ambulance companies
  • Home health care agencies
  • Mental health clinics and providers
  • Community-based testing laboratories
  • Chiropractic practices and acupuncture providers
  • Addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers
  • Surgical centers

Inquire About Multidisciplinary Legal Services For A New Medical Business Or Health Care Professional Practice

Call 860-216-6337 or complete our online intake form through this website to request a consultation with an experienced lawyer based in either our Hartford or Greenwich office. Discuss legal services necessary for formation, operation or crisis management related to a new health care enterprise in Connecticut.