Guidance For Doctors And Nurses Living With Impairments

A health care provider often faces professional obstacles when dealing with physical or mental disabilities or impairments. Navigating the challenges while protecting one's career, practice and livelihood may require:

  • Reporting requirements
  • Crisis management
  • Grievances, complaints and external reviews
  • Addiction recovery management, when applicable
  • Professional proctoring agreements
  • Relicensing and recertification processes and procedures

The law firm of Moore Leonhardt & Associates in Hartford, Connecticut, brings a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, advising on occupational impacts of physical and mental impairments. Key issues may involve employment law, civil rights, patients' rights and public policy.

Individualized Planning And Implementation

Attorney Mary Alice Moore Leonhardt, the owner and founder of the firm, has crafted many successful back-to-work pathways for health care providers struggling with:

  • Substance abuse and dependence
  • Brain injury aftermath
  • Disabilities such as multiple sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Comorbidities

Solutions may involve treatment plans, workplace advocacy and provider proxy agreements. Whatever the impairment, a health care provider working for a hospital or reporting to licensing boards may require legal representation in disciplinary hearings and appeals. At Moore Leonhardt & Associates, the emphasis is on professional, legal solutions for health care providers with impairments such as:

  • Chemical dependency
  • Physical illness
  • Mental illness

Seek Personalized Guidance And Skillful Advocacy

Every professional and every situation is unique. An in-depth, personalized evaluation of the problems and potential solutions is a critical first step once impairment-related complications arise. Lawyers at this law firm can help explore all options for preserving a health care career, as well as management, support and accommodation of the professional.

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