A Focused Results-Oriented Boutique Law Firm

The world of medical services delivery and health care law compliance is a complex, ever-changing landscape. As an experienced former registered nurse (RN) who practiced in high-risk medical treatment areas, attorney Mary Alice Moore Leonhardt, together with the rest of the team, is committed to zealous advocacy covering a wide range of medical and health care-related business and legal issues.

Our Administrative Law Focus And Our Integrated Approach

Moore Leonhardt & Associates advises a variety of clients who range from individual health care practitioners and patients, to health care institutions and their employees. Many seek advisement on state and federal regulatory agency rules, issues and administrative processes. All benefit from customized services delivered from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Our Varied And Valued Trusting Clientele In Medical Fields

Health care professionals who turn to Moore Leonhardt & Associates include individual and group practice physicians, medical students, nurses, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, acupuncturists, social workers and pharmacists. Investors and entrepreneurial clients involved in health care businesses also rely on our counsel for direction on legally compliant cutting-edge business and service-line development.

We advise urgent care centers, home health agencies, medical practices, individuals in medical school and nursing school, nursing services organizations, integrated health care practices, mental health and substance abuse clinics, testing laboratories and health insurance companies. Our firm also provides legal services to medical transport service companies, medical equipment suppliers and investors in health care service providers, medical devices and equipment.

Our Integrated Services For Health Care Professionals

Both new and long-standing medical practices are keenly aware of their need for legal guidance in many aspects, including:

  • Establishing and operating a health care business
  • Devising elder care and special needs care plans that meet both human needs and legal requirements
  • Managing medical careers and health care practices in the face of special situations such as health care providers disabilities or impairments
  • Defending against lawsuits and bringing claims in the face of complex legal problems

Risk management is critical for all health care providers and businesses. With offices in Hartford and Greenwich, health care providers and medical businesses across the state find the knowledgeable, thorough assistance that they need at Moore Leonhardt & Associates.

To request a lawyer's evaluation of your medical care-related legal concerns, call 860-541-5514 or complete our online inquiry form.